Birch Bark Basketry Feb 12th@ The Good Life Refill

Here’s some pics of my Birch Bark Basketry workshop. Some beautiful baskets were made! Thanks to all who came and to Heni at the Good Life Refill for hosting.

Making the baskets

We used traditional Adirondack Native American designs to etch into the surface of our baskets.

Adirondack and Native American designs

It was great to find out what everyone else was doing, from Transcendental Meditation to dyeing things fluorescent pink with Prickly Pear fruit, songwriting and publishing books about nature.

I also found out kiwi has 50% more nutrients if you eat it with the skin on!

If only we could have used local bark! i had to buy it from a Northern country with thicker bark on their Birches! I did have a good go at using local birch bark fro dead trees.

You have to find a birch that’s freshly cut down, as the bark should then be in good condition. Not snap into rotten pieces as every sheet of mine did!

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