Puffballs at Tring Park

Here’s a pic of some delicious Stump Puffballs (Lycoperdum pyriforme) I found off the wood path in Tring Park. There were lots more, but as Marty won’t eat them it was better not to be greedy.

yep, they are in one of my birch bark baskets…great for keeping mushrooms fresh and not squashed…

Puffballs are a really good one to start identifying as they are hard to mistake for anything else except Earthballs. Puffballs have a soft creamy texture and often some tiny crumbs on top. Earthballs are like yellowy old cracked leather.

Both of them have no stalk. Earthballs are poisonous and Puffballs are edible.

Puffballs smell like the most orgasmic of roast dinners…mmm mmm mmm

I sliced them finely then fried them up in an omelette with garlic.

No point fussin’

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