Birch Bark Basketry…how our ancestors would have stored dried foods

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make natural containers to store food?

Birch Bark has been used for making many objects in times gone by, with its antibacterial properties and breathability helping foods to stay fresh. It can be used to boil water over an open camp fire, yet the natural oils within also make it an excellent tinder when dry! The flexibility of Birch Bark has made it attractive as a material to cover canoes with in the American North West.

Over here in Blighty, the bark of birches is thinner than in the colder Northern climates, so we need to use it differently.

I take bark off fallen or dead trees. Never completely ring a live tree – this will kill it as it needs the bark to cover its nutrient carrying layer beneath.

I am running a course on how to make your own Birch Bark containers on Dec 11th…places are limited to 6. If you would like a place, the link is below.


Hedgewitch Kat

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