Tempura Reedmace Flowerheads

Just thought I’d share this tapas recipe I dreamed up using young green Reedmace flowerheads from Astral Park.

Pick the central stalk like a sweetcorn.

I made a batter with sparkling water (no ice – no fridge on the boat), 1 egg and normal plain flour, sieving the flour well. I have to admit I preferred them with mayo in the ends it didn’t swamp their delicate flavour.

I boiled the flower heads first for 5 minutes in just enough water to cover. This makes them more tender. I patted them dry with kitchen towel then rolled them in flour and then in batter. I popped them in a deep saucepan with 3cm of hot rapeseed oil for 5 minutes, then left them drain on more kitchen towel. I ate the lot in one sitting. (Pig.) They are very high in quality protein however, especially good if you are vegan (though you’ll need to use cornflour then, not egg).

Tempura Reedmace flower heads with chilli jam dip.

I also made a chowder type soup by shucking off the flowerheads and cooking them with coconut milk and veg stock. You can basically use these things in any recipe that calls for sweetcorn.

Reedmace chowder with sweet peppers.

Consult my earlier post ‘On the Trail of Typha’s Gold’ for more info on this amazing plant. if you can’t find any green flower heads, the next thing in season is the amazing yellow pollen, great in baking recipes.

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