World of Bushcraft, Bedford

Shamefully, got into a spot of retail therapy after long suffering mate Sara drove me and my infant to World of Bushcraft last Sat, and ended up forking out £42 for a leather Crocodile Dundee style hat, also a greenwood carving blade (Mora) and two back copies of ‘Bushcraft’ magazine.  Observed the crazy prices Woodland Ways are charging for three hours foraging (£40!!) That just seems greedy, since it involves no materials and is not even in a particulary attractive location (e.g. the Cornish coastline)

One can also purchase, for  ‘mere’ £26 squid, 3 sharpened sticks and a small ruler sized plank to make fires with.  Bet theyre laughing all the way to the bank….

We liked the wildcrafts display at the back with some carved bowls, leaf woven belts and baskets, skulls and tanned hides, but first place had to go to the gorgeously intricate wooden snowshoes made in Norway by the nice bloke behind the counter.imgres-2 Now i got the hat I better grow to fit it!!!

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