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  • October Events @ Hedgewitch Adventures

    Fungi Forays, back from last year as requested by popular demand! With mycologist Phil Austin. Learn to identify fungi, take spore prints and hopefully find edible fungi at Ashridge estate on these half day courses (family course is 2 hours to allow for shorter attention spans!). Sun 16th Oct: Fungi Foray (Adults 16 plus) Half […]

  • September Events 2022 @ Hedgewitch Adventures

    Hello all. My September events (booked in so far, more to come!) are below. If you are looking to learn about autumn foraging, with some lovely tasters included, now is your chance! SEPTEMBER Fri 16th: Foraging Course with Tapas Tasters Half day course identifying wild edibles, with 3 tapas tasters on the way. Begins and […]

  • THE CHALLENGE : Modern Sweets V Stone Age Sweets (Wild Fruit, duh)

    There’s a reason why children are like heat seeking missiles when it comes to sweets. Those tangy, acid-sweet flavours that are so destructive to their dental array are only mimicking the natural flavours of fresh wild fruits, stuffed with vitamins and minerals to help them grow strong, (and once that happens you can make them […]

  • That Heavenly Perfume Anise…Common Hogweed as a Condiment

    The name ‘Common Hogweed’ conjures up visions of ‘Me mate Dave down the pub’ but this bristly woodland margin plant is anything but. Yes, it is a cousin of the phytotoxic Giant Hogweed – you know, the one with ginormous leaves 1m long with skin-blistering sap once said skin is exposed to sunlight?! However, this […]

  • The White Man’s Foot: Plantago sps

    You’ve probably trodden on this humble herb a thousand times, or tried to eradicate it from your lawn. Like the first pioneers discovering America, this is a pioneer plant – tough, coping with most soils, springing back from punishment by lawnmower and boot. Did you know it is also incredibly useful, both as a food […]

  • Tempura Reedmace Flowerheads

    Just thought I’d share this tapas recipe I dreamed up using young green Reedmace flowerheads from Astral Park. I made a batter with sparkling water (no ice – no fridge on the boat), 1 egg and normal plain flour, sieving the flour well. I have to admit I preferred them with mayo in the ends […]

  • Sipping on… Tangy, Spiky Oregon Grape!

    My Mahonia syrup, mint leaf, grape juice, lime and sparkling water mocktail. I got the recipe from Lottie Muir’s book ‘Wild Cocktails’. While flicking through Lottie Muir’s ‘Wild Cocktail’ bible, I was astounded to find that the ill tempered looking evergreen shrub I walk my son past every day to school actually has edible berries! […]

  • The Edible Ornamental Garden

    Spring is rushing into Summer, and that means flowers aplenty. It’s quite amazing how many of our new acquisitions from the garden centre can be edible (and equally amazing how some of them can be really lethal…DO NOT just go grazing away). Day Lilies (Hemerocallis sps) are a splendid addition to any salad, especially if […]

  • ‘Tis May – Time For Fiddleheads!

    It’s May. They’re out, now. Go into the pine, oak and birch acid woodlands and scout about on the ground for those swan-necked shoots of Bracken fern (Pteridium aquilinium). They are graceful things, and when cut from their juicy base they smell of almond cream. Almonds, you say? Doesn’t that mean cyanide? Well not exactly. […]

  • GORSE: A Snatch of Tropical Summer!

    There’s a knack to picking gorse flowers. Gorse, or Ulex Europaeus, is spiny as all hell. The trick is to pluck the open flowers right at the end of the twigs – the open flowers have more of the scent that you want to impart flavours to your drinks (be they alcoholic or otherwise). Plus, […]