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  • Puffballs at Tring Park

    Here’s a pic of some delicious Stump Puffballs (Lycoperdum pyriforme) I found off the wood path in Tring Park. There were lots more, but as Marty won’t eat them it was better not to be greedy. yep, they are in one of my birch bark baskets…great for keeping mushrooms fresh and not squashed… Puffballs are […]

  • Birch bark basketry in Alberta

    Originally posted on RETROactive:
    Written by: Elizabeth Goldberg, Archaeological Survey of Alberta Alberta archaeology, and field archaeology in general, places a lot of emphasis on stone tools. We divvy up projectile points into groups based on time, place and form. We source quarries for flaked tools to hypothesize past trade relationships and seasonal migrations; and…

  • Chestnut Cookery with CASTANEA : Part 1

    Yep, sweet chestnuts, most of us have heard of them, or eaten them roasted from brasiers in large cities in November. Castanea sativa…meaning ‘sweet’, this useful tree was brought over here by homesick Romans. Little did they realise how the rainy, cold climate of Blighty would affect the quality of the nuts! Yet the wood […]

  • Birch Bark Basketry…how our ancestors would have stored dried foods

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to make natural containers to store food? Birch Bark has been used for making many objects in times gone by, with its antibacterial properties and breathability helping foods to stay fresh. It can be used to boil water over an open camp fire, yet the natural oils within […]

  • ‘What A Silly Little Thing Is Love’: Rosehips, Fruits Within Strife

    It’s that time of year when the crimson fruits of our native wild Rosa canina, or wild Dog Rose, are starting to soften or ‘blet’ in the colder air. Humans have been scoffing these rose hips since the dawn of civilisation – a 2000 year old English corpse has been discovered with rose hip seeds […]

  • Fungi Foray Oct 28th (Family Friendly)@ Hedgewitch Adventures

    2 hours Introduction to Fungi with Phil Austin. Check out “Fungi Foray (Family Friendly)” on Eventbrite! Date: Fri, 28 Oct, 10:00 Location: Bridgewater Monument, Ashridge Estate

  • Fungi Foray Oct 22nd@ Hedgewitch Adventures

    Check out “Fungi Foray” on Eventbrite! Date: Sat, 22 Oct, 10:00 Location: Bridgewater Monument, Ashridge Estate

  • Fungi Foray Oct 16th @ Hedgewitch Adventures

    Check out “Fungi Foray” on Eventbrite! Date: Sun, 16 Oct, 10:00 Location: Bridgewater Monument, Ashridge Estate

  • NEW October Forage & Tapas dates:

    If you missed September’s Forages With Tapas, I have two more dates below. Yes, they are on Fridays. I know weekends are better for people, but I’m a single parent and my Mum lives in Surrey, so it is hard to find child care. If you wouldn’t mind paying more (i.e. £35 rather than £25, […]

  • Autumn Forage With Tapas Tasters, Sept 16th @ The Globe, Linslade, UK

    Had a lovely day taking some already quite knowledgable people out for an Autumn Foraging Course. (Thankfully I was still able to teach them something!) Two were returners from my Summer courses. We traversed the towpath, taking in the delights of Ground Elder (Aegopodium podagraria), which is a maligned and invasive superfood brought over by […]