Wild Garlic Tomato Cheese Roll-Ups

Found some more Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum) down at my Mums in Surrey. There’s loads of it there! Under the trees in the park, around the lake, up Dog Poo Walk…

I picked some from the nice clean park, as far away from the path as possible to avoid dog poo! Got it home and bunged it in a glass of water, stems down. You can keep a lot of green stuff from wilting this way. (LOOK, NO FRIDGE!!)

Now for a great easy recipe the kids can help with.


8-10 leaves wild garlic, rinsed in cold water

1 tub soft cheese/vegan cheese

i packet mini plum tomatoes

cocktail sticks/wooden BBQ skewers

  • Put one spoonful of soft cheese near the tip of each wild garlic leaf.
  • Slice the plum tomatoes into little rounds
  • Roll up the leaf and hold it.
  • Push a tomato round onto the stick then follow with the rolled up wild garlic leaf with cheese in.
  • Add another tomato.
  • Place artistically on a plate and serve. Grown-ups may like to add a little chilli sauce! You can also add walnuts for a nice bitter nutty kick.

My kid munched down as many as he could before I ate the rest. My mum unfortunately is dairy intolerant, otherwise, she would have too. And man, she is fussy!

Verdict – easy, fun, tasty. What’s not to like!

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