Month: February 2022

  • Winter BUSHMOOT: Fire Cookery Masterclass

    Myself and the lad are fresh back from the deep woods of Cranham Scout campsite in Gloucester. Here we camped in about a foot of thick, curd-like February mud and learned of the further arts of camp fire cookery from Wayne and Beth (and other Chefs!) of Forest Knights Bushcraft School. Whilst my son threw […]

  • Sap from Quick Silver

    We can all feel the quickening, so now’s the time to talk about Birch, that fast growing speeding deciduous, first into the fray in the epic poem ‘Battle of the Trees’ from the Celtic ‘Book of Taliesin’. Birch is a useful tree in many ways. It really is first to colonise new spaces, being a […]

  • (Very Cautiously) Edible Tree of the Week: YEW

    When I say ‘caution’ I mean the same caution that lovers of Japanese pufferfish fugu must exhibit while enjoying their meal. Do you trust your chef?!! The only part of yew that you want to be eating is the aril, the fleshy red fruit that surrounds the black seed. DO NOT EAT THE SEED WITHIN. […]