Month: January 2018

  • In blackest night….

    Winter’s bite…. In blackest night grows the seed of Life Blue frost in our pleading veins we sink deep… Beneath snows, and wish for light to come again; but needful is this rest, this still; like death to life is needful the black earth womb to the seed of light. Winter’s bite; Reality, sometimes grim […]

  • scandi heart with miscanthus

    Miscanthus grass fronds with small cross sections of cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris) stem, bound with multi coloured wool 🙂

  • Winter Nature Collage

    Stuck for nature-based things to do in miserable grey January?  Get out on a dry day with some secateurs and a bag and harvest some dried stems, fallen bark, seedheads…then back at base have a play glueing them to a piece of hardboard or canvas to create textural worlds of winter sensuality….try contrasting opposites such […]

  • Pine Needle Basket – pics!

    A finished (nearly!) pine needle basket made using short (4-5in) pine needles from several different species of trees..fiddly but fun, and very satisfying, and all you have had to pay for is a washer and some string!  I have dyed some of the needles with turmeric (the yellow ones) and used reddish needles and ivory […]