Month: June 2017

  • Blood, Iron & Fire!

    I AM NETTLE. The Blood, the Iron, The Hearth; Woman , man; Heart-beat, quiver and quim, Stretch and knot, Massage and hot. I give pulse to things long dead Fence past my forms so cruel And there are things to savour; Tongues of flavour Long distance memories of raves and crazy I AM NETTLE I […]

  • On the Tail of Typha’s Gold

    The scene…a golden afternoon in June, at a local muddy pond.  The character, a thin ragged yet energetic female leaps off her bike with Midas like glee and pushes down a thickening trail of turquoise-green leaf spears taller than her plaited head, broad soled battered brown sandals squelching and sinking into the mire.  After a […]